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~ Director's Credential ~


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 Now Enrolling!!!         Ongoing Classes Start 2/20/17       Class Time 6pm -8pm        Complete Your Credential in 2 Weeks 

The Director's Credential is the course you need to become a director of a childcare center in Texas.

Complete Your Director's Credential at your own pace.

Total Course Cost: $450 ~ Payment Plans Available

Do you need to renew your Director's Credential?

We can help with that too! Give Us Call!       $100 Renewal Cost ~ ( See Director's Credential Renewal Tab for Details)


Prospective Student Eligibility Requirements

1. 21 years of age or older.
2. Hold a high school diploma or the equivalent.
3. Able to read, write & understand the language, in which the lessons are taught. 
4. 2 years of experience working with young children (ages 6 & below) within the past 5 years in a state-licensed home or center setting.
5. Meet at least one of the combinations of education & experience required by Texas DFPS Childcare Licensing to become a Childcare Director in Texas.
6. Submit an application.
7. Valid proof of official pictured identification. (Driver's license, Military ID, etc...)
8. Valid proof of College Hours, Clock Hours &/or CEU's.
9. $75 non-refundable deposit. (This deposit is included in your total.)
10.Obtain a current Texas DFPS Childcare Licensing Minimum Standards Manual.         


                                                     5 Sessions of Face To Face Training & 2 Exams &  3 Projects                 Applicants Accepted Anytime   


Credential Agreement

Total Course Fee- $450.00 ($75 deposit (non-refundable) submitted two weeks prior to the first class date. Remaining balance of $375 will be due based on the payment agreement you have established with one of the instructors in writing, however; the entire balance must be paid upon completion of the course in order to receive your Certificate of Completion).

Applicant will receive a certificate of credential when all enrollment and completion of program requirements are met. The credential is valid for two years from issue date.


A copy of training certificates confirming 30 clock hours of training and other requirements must be submitted in order to renew your credential.  

Refund Policy

Refunds are issued only if written request is postmarked 7 days prior to course. The refund will be in it’s entirety minus the non-refundable $75 deposit.

The $75 deposit is non-refundable and due no later than two weeks prior to your first day of class. No refunds will be issued after classes have started. You may withdrawal from the course at any time.


Call us now to start your certification!    Copy & Print Application Below!



P.O.BOX 31052


Phone# 832-231-1403 or 832-964-3026  

Website: aroundthewaytc.com         Fax 713-433-0494

E-mail: aroundthewaytc@gmail.com


CDA/Director Credential Application


Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

(As you want it to appear on your certificate)


Ph#: _____________________________________  Cell #: ______________________________________

e-mail address: _________________________________________________________________________

Employer:______________________________________ Ph#: ___________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Application: Initial___________  Renewal_____________   Accepted___________ Denied____________


Eligibility Requirements:

     All Applicants must have and provide a copy of the following;

     H.S.Diploma or it’s Equivalent (GED)

     Valid Drivers’s License or Other Gov. Issued ID

     Verifiable working experience in early childcare within the past 5 years   

      (480 hours for CDA and 2 years for Director)


Class Requirements and Attendance:

All Applicants must adhere to the following:

     Complete all _____ Hours of instruction

     Be on time to class ( if absent, you must makeup the date asap)

     Pass all tests with a score of 78% or greater



Cost for Class is $ ______________, Deposit: $ ____________  Total: $ ____________

Acceptable forms of payment include: Cash, Money Order, credit/debit, or Pay Pal  (sorry no personal checks accepted)

Make payments to: Around The Way Training Consultants.

Applicants must submit a nonrefundable fee of  $ _________ ( to be added to total cost if accepted to program) at least 1 week prior to start of training. Any refunds may be granted on an individual basis.


I have read and understand the requirements needed to complete this credential course. The information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsifications may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the course and revocation of any credential that may have been issued. I am completely and solely liable for any inconsistencies and understand that if  dismissed after the third day  of class there will be no refunds of any amount.


PLEASE INDICATE THE AGE THE CENTER PROVIDES CARE FOR : Infants_____ Toddlers_____ Pre-school_____ School Age_____ After School_____

Drop In_____ Get Well Care_____ Summer______



_______________________________________________           _________________________________

Applicants Signature                                                                                                   Date                               




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Director's Credential