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9:30am - 2:30pm  Monday-Friday & Weekends By Appointment Only
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Director's Credential Classes   6-8pm
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~ "Attention" Parents, Adoptive Parents & Foster Parents

Group Homes & Residential Treatment Centers~

Foster, Adopted Parents, Residential Treatments & Group Homes:

We Provide Foster & Adopted Parent Clock Hours

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a child with a behavior challenge, are seeking new parenting strategies or meeting in- service training requirements, our classes will help you understand the child’s behavior, recognize the behavior triggers and uncover new ideas for and dealing with foster children.

Additional trainings we offer: NRP, PAPH, CPR/ First Aid


We are Certified PRIDE Instructors..... Call us for a quote!

Biological Parents : We Offer Parenting Classes

Being a parent is a critically important job, 24 hours a day and it’s not always easy. Call Around The Way Training Consultants to get emotional and educational support from a trained consultant and become empowered and a stronger parent. Our Classes assist parents with understanding the basics of child development, so they will have appropriate expectations of their children. Our classes also assist with appropriate, non-aggressive discipline and ways to manage and correct misbehavior. As well as, allowing parents to recognize their strengths and use them when parenting.


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~ Parenting Classes & Foster Parent Services ~